ART GALLERY ALDAMA-FABRÉ

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                                           ART GALLERY ALDAMA-FABRÉ

                                           Under construction


                                          GALLERY FOR CONTEMPORARY ART BY BABELstudio IN BILBAO LA VIEJA

                                          Construction starting soon for art gallery on Tres Pilares square in the historic centre of Bilbao.



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                                           INAUGURATION OF DOCK

                                           Multipurpose venue in Bilbao opens to public. More information soon in project list menu.


                                                                                                                   APARTMENT IN PORTUGALETE

                                                                                                                   Under construction. Complete project information soon in project list menu. 


                                          PRIVATE HOUSES IN NOCEDAL

                                          Project for 2 private houses in the outskirts of Bilbao. Construction to begin end of 2015. 


                                           NEUBAU DER STADTHALLE GROSSBOTTWAR

                                           BABELstudio wins prize!



                                           Multipurpose venue in Bilbao. Construction to begin in August.



                          BABELstudio completes private house in Sopuerta. For more information see project list.

P03-Sopuerta 01.jpg


                                          BLOOMFIELD AUDIOVISUAL

                                          In collaboration with Alex Castañón Urquiza BABELstudio presents this clip on the extension project in Bloomfield, New Jersey. For more information see project list.


BABELstudio-New Year-2014-Image 01.jpg


                                           BROKEN GLASS

                                           The photographic work was originally conceived as article for Bside magazine, a quarterly fanzine about arts, architecture, graphic art and essays in general and with the background of the city of

                                           Bilbao in particular. The black and white collages intent to disperse, to break the concept of the synonymy of Bilbao and the Guggenheim Museum. Photographs of seemingly common locations,

                                           buildings and situations are superimposed on exterior photographs of the iconic Guggenheim Museum and by creating a new, interwoven cityscape suggesting a more complex and ambiguous and

                                           in the end a more coherent view on a city.

Exhibition-Broken Glass-Image 01.jpg